Tired of giving out impersonal gift cards to your friends and family?

Looking for a timeless, elegant gift that seriously upgrades useful everyday items?

Want to add a more personal touch to your next gifting experience?

If so, then you need to drop what you’re doing and read up on these monogram gift ideas. After this post, you’ll have a whole host of ideas to improve your next gift basket, party favors, or present for that special someone.

1. A Backpack

Let’s start with one of the most classic monogram gift ideas — a backpack embroidered with your friend’s initials.

In addition to making sure that no one else accidentally grabs your friend’s backpack from the pile, they’re also a great way to make sure your friend has a place to hold everything they need.

Hosting a back to school party for your kids?

These make great gifts!

2. A Piece of Jewelry

Monogrammed jewelry has long been a traditional gift in the South and elsewhere.

Writing a friend or loved one’s initials on a heart-shaped pendant is a special way to show you care. Many people view monogrammed jewelry as the ultimate upgraded friendship bracelet.

If you’re looking to give a gift that spreads awareness about a cause that’s close to your heart, then you could pick up some silicone bracelets that also include a monogram alongside the name of the cause.

3. A Jefferson Cup

Any Southerner knows that no home is complete without a monogrammed Jefferson Cup.

These gleaming silver cups are perfect for holding bobby pins, loose change, or of course, a glass of whiskey.

They also make wonderful party favors! We love the idea of creating a signature cocktail for a special event and giving each guest their own engraved cup to drink out of.

Jefferson cups can also be engraved with a special quote or date, meaning that they can work especially well as graduation or anniversary gifts.

4. A Bumper Sticker

One of the most creative monogram gift ideas on our list?

Letting everyone on the road know who is driving in front of them with a monogrammed bumper sticker! You can have yours created in a variety of different colors to compliment your car or showcase your personality.

We also think that they make excellent and affordable bridesmaids gifts. Be sure to snap a photo of all of your girls in front of their cars, showing off their monogrammed bumper stickers.

It’s a great way to show that you and your friends will always stay close, no matter how far you travel.

5. A Pillowcase

There’s nothing more elegant than embroidered, monogrammed pillowcases.

They’re a wonderful way to pay homage to the owner of the house, and they give your bedroom a more personal and homey touch.

If you’re stuck on bedroom decor ideas, remember that sometimes, the smallest details can have the biggest impact. To ensure that your pillowcases match your sheets no matter the season, it’s a good idea to buy a variety of embroidery color options.

You can even match them to the colors of the art hanging in your bedroom, or pick a thread that’s the same shade as your bedskirt.

6. Hand Towels

Are you looking for monogram gift ideas for a friend that loves to play hostess?

Looking for a timeless wedding present that lets a bride feel the excitement of her new initials every time she sees it?

If so, then monogrammed hand towels are the perfect gift. You can opt for delicate linen hand towels in the summer, and go with fluffy, thicker options for the colder months.

The best part?

It’s easy to find towels that are machine washable, and working with a quality monogramming company means that the threads will be able to withstand a machine wash cycle without getting damaged.

Send along a vase of flowers that matches the threads of the monogram so your friend can have a two-minute bathroom makeover!

7. A Cooler

One of our favorite men’s monogram gift ideas?

Make sure that his friends know to lay off his beer by getting him a monogrammed cooler. That way, no one can claim they “didn’t know” the brews were his.

This is a serious upgrade from the way you’d decorate coolers in college, but it shares all the same sentiment. Enjoy horse racing, basketball games, and of course, tailgating in style.

To make the gift extra-special, go for a monogrammed option in his favorite team’s colors.

8. A Baseball Cap

Ready for a day on the golf course with friends? Love walking around the neighborhood with your girlfriends, getting your workout and your gossip at the same time?

Just make sure you’re staying safe from the sun by getting you and your friends matching monogrammed baseball caps.

If you’re part of a local sports team, or if you just want to make a friend’s birthday feel extra special, getting each guest their own monogrammed hat is a great bonding experience.

Plus, a picture of you all in your caps will surely get you tons of likes on Instagram.

9. A Polo Shirt

Personalized and monogrammed fashion has become a major trend in recent years.

To show your friends you know what’s up, get them a crisp white polo shirt (a staple in the closet of every Southerner) with their initials embroidered on the sleeve.

This adds a chic look to their clothing and makes for a great conversation starter at business meetings.

10. A Growler

With craft beer tasting becoming more popular than ever, surely your guy friends could make use of a monogrammed growler.

We love the idea of handing these out as party favors after hosting a beer tasting event in your backyard. It’s a more adult version of a keg party.

To give an extra special gift, place a monogrammed growler inside the cooler we mentioned earlier.

Of course, don’t forget to fill it with your favorite brew!

Bring These Monogram Gift Ideas To Life

Now that you have a whole host of possible monogram gift ideas, you’re likely ready to start creating them!

No matter the occasion, the age, or the gender of the person receiving the gift, embroidery, screen printing, and more adds that personal touch that shows them you care.

To order your friends and family gifts they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come, spend some time on our website.

We’ll help you to find a gift that sends the right message.